A REAL functional front basket, that looks great, and strong as hell!

Like most things in our lives that we can't seem to get enough of, storage on our UTV's more specifically the Polaris Ranger's falls into this category. No matter how hard you try, storage issue(s) always seems to arise at the absolute worst time. We've been there, done that. We have been working for quite some time on a large front basket that fits a need, but still acts like it's not there. 

The Making of REAL a Polaris Ranger Lock-and-Ride Basket

We knew the basket would have a beefy frame, and be completely wrapped in expanded metal. Small gear and tools don't have many safe places on Rangers. Especially, if the cargo bed is being occupied. Most baskets and storage racks on the market use tubular frames with no mesh/expanded metal or safe outer diameter to keep small/medium cargo and gear from falling right out. More importantly, and becoming a heavier weight when purchasing accessories, are the ability to co-exist with windshields. Our new Polaris Ranger Lock-and-Ride basket's like all of our others we will continue to develop will NEVER interfere with your windshield, or worse NOT allow you to have one.

While we are buttoning up the last few little details, we are finally going to start shipping these units by mid/late February. Literally, this basket in particular has gone through 20 or more total revisions. Mounts, simple structural pieces, how it attaches to it's counterparts, gaining the most cargo volume while taking into consideration a curved DOT (Pure Polaris) windshield, the look and "grill-like" front expanded metal guard, manufacturing in a way to make it feasible for shipping ground all over country/world, ALL of this was trial-and-error testing. 

A no-brainer for any Ranger

So, in the end we are wrapping up our a cargo basket that can be mounted on the Ranger front-end hood area while maintaining drivability and full use of all the windshields. It bolts on using all factory bolts and does not affect any OEM/Pure Polaris accessories in any manner. It is gorgeous and rugged looking. A simple must for any Ranger owner. 

If you have any input, we can never think of a better way to aid in the R&D of a product then to get: suggestions, wants, and needs, from the actual individuals who use their UTV's. We usually hook it up to those who are wanting a new product of ours and have thrown some nuggets our way :)

Disclaimer: this unit is for Lock-and-Ride Polaris Ranger frames (2014-2016) full size frames. Single cab and Double cab does not make a difference for this specific item.